• Awesome Ambassadors

  • "Volunteers do not necessarily have the time;
    they just have the heart."

    -  Elizabeth Andrew


  • We’d love to have you consider becoming a Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassador. 

    Here’s some information about our Awesome Ambassadors Program. 

    Please CONTACT US if you would like more information or CLICK HERE to fill out an application.

    Mission Statement

    The Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors are the welcoming arm for the Chamber: greeting new members, promoting Chamber programs, projects, and events, and serving the Board of Directors through volunteerism. Ambassadors establish, maintain, and improve the professional image of the Chamber to create goodwill and understanding among the members.

    Code of Ethics

    Chamber Ambassadors and Chamber Staff shall continually strive to achieve mutual respect in working relationships at all times. The primary goal is to serve Chamber members and businesses in a professional and positive environment. Ambassadors and staff shall be flexible, innovative and responsive to change. Teamwork, commitment and open communications are very important to the success of serving our Chamber members. All ambassadors, staff, directors and members are to be treated with dignity and respect and, most of all, should take pride in being a part of the Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce.

    The success and reputation of the Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce is built upon the principles of fair dealing and ethical conduct of ambassadors, staff, and board members. Our reputation for integrity requires careful observance of the spirit and letter of all applicable laws and regulations, as well as a scrupulous regard for the highest standards of conduct and personal integrity.

    Awesome Ambassadors Principles

    1. Have the right attitude
      • Ambassadors act on behalf of the Chamber and know that it isn’t about personal business--it’s about the Chamber and helping other members connect with each other
      • Be positive, fun, upbeat, and caring for others
      • Make all statements and testimonials given in a Chamber of Commerce-sponsored public or group setting positive in nature.
      • Be flexible and willing to work under changing conditions or extenuating circumstances
      • Be professional at all times
      • Be educated about what is happening in Boaz Area and the surrounding areas
    2. Be there
      • Ambassadors volunteer at as many Chamber events and functions as they can throughout the year (Minimum of 3 main events/festivals) and attend monthly Ambassador Meetings
    3. Follow through and be reliable
      • When you commit to being at an event as an Ambassador, people are counting on you
      • When you commit to making contacts, delivering information, or representing the Chamber, people are counting on you
      • When you learn about other businesses, share that information with other Chamber Ambassadors and Chamber Staff so that more people are aware and learn
    4. Communicate
      • Clear communication with other Ambassadors, the Board of Directors, the Chamber staff, and members is the key to doing good business
    5. Maintain confidentiality and sensitivity
      • Ambassadors understand and honor confidentiality and sensitivity regarding Chamber business and information

    Want to join this awesome group of committed volunteers? 



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      Board Members and Ambassadors at The Barn
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  • Here's what some Ambassadors have said about the program:

  • "Serving as an Ambassador for the Boaz Area Chamber of Commerce allows me to contribute my voice to the business and economic development efforts of our city. We tackle tough issues, plan engaging community events, and utilize the strengths of each team member to make Boaz a greater place to live, work, learn, play and do business. Personally, I've found that my fellow Ambassadors truly are dedicated and service-oriented community leaders."

    -Brett Johnson