• Ribbon Cuttings

    • MDEC-25.jpg
      Marshall- DeKalb Electric Cooperative
    • IMG_5429-(1).jpg
      Southern BBQ Company
    • IMG_4206.JPG
      The Hemp Source
    • IMG_1715.jpeg
      The Lion's Den
    • IMG_4463.jpg
      York's Barbershop
    • Ribbon-Cutting-w398.jpg
      Daily Kneads
  • Early Bird Breakfast

    • IMG_2666.jpg
      First Early Bird of 2020 at First Capital Insurance
    • IMG_4112.jpg
      February's Early Bird hosted by the City of Boaz
    • IMG_4417.jpg
      March's Early Bird at Chevy of Boaz
    • IMG_5872.jpg
      Lowery Manufacturing celebrating 50 years in business with an Early Bird
  • Upcoming Events

  • 2019 Ribbon Cuttings

    • GoMed21.jpg
      Dr. Go Ribbon Cutting
    • GoMed20.jpg
      Dr. Go
    • Sun-Shack-ribbon.jpg
      Sun Shack Ribbon Cutting
    • deadwood-outdoors-2.jpg
      Deadwood Outdoors Ribbon Cutting
    • Hemp-Source-21.jpg
      The Hemp Source Ribbon Cutting
    • spinning-wheel-antique-ribbon-cutting.jpg
      Spinning Wheel Antiques Ribbon Cutting
    • vintage-vixen-ribbon-cutting.jpg
      Vintage Vixen Ribbon Cutting
    • ALFA1.jpg
      Will Penton Alfa Ribbon Cutting
    • Allstate1.jpg
      Allstate Ribbon Cutting
    • JB6.jpg
      Josh Bright Productions Ribbon Cutting
    • 2.jpg
      Josh Bright & Uncle Cracker
    • B_A4.jpg
      Dr. Jordan B&A Family Care Ribbon Cutting
    • B_A3.jpg
      B&A Family Care Ribbon Cutting
    • Porterhouse8.jpg
      John Quick at Porterhouse Ribbon Cutting
    • Porterhouse1.jpg
      Porterhouse Ribbon Cutting
  • 2019 Events

    • 78072830_790359894747245_5512176386489450496_n.jpg
      Councilmen Johnny Willis & wife at Christmas Under the Stars
    • 79154490_455357685363174_8530638084532862976_n.jpg
    • BCafe.jpg
    • BCafe13.jpg
    • Dale.jpg
      Boaz Cafe Snowman Tree at Old Mill Park
    • Fall-Yall-Pumpkins.jpg
      Happy Fall Y'all Pumpkins
    • FirstBank.jpg
      First Bank of Boaz Early Bird Breakfast
    • FirstBank1.jpg
      First Bank of Boaz Early Bird Breakfast
    • FirstBank2.jpg
      Parks and Rec Crew at the Early Bird
    • HarvestFest.jpg
      Scarecrow at the Harvest Festival
    • IMG_2730.jpg
      Old Mill Park Christmas Under the Stars
    • IMG_6129.jpg
      Bicentennial painting for the Back to School Bash
    • IMG_6877.jpg
      Bags collected for the Back to School Bash
    • IMG_7100.jpg
    • IMG_7128.jpg
    • IMG_7264.jpg
      Free haircuts at the Back to School Bash
    • IMG_7464.jpg
      Sponsored by God
    • Lamberts-BAH1.jpg
      Sonja taste testing
    • Lamberts-BAH2.jpg
    • Lamberts-BAH3.jpg
      Business After Hours at Lamberts Bible
    • NotoriousCollect1.jpg
      Business After Hours at Notorious Collectibles
    • NotoriousCollect11.jpg
      Business After Hours at Notorious Collectibles
    • SleepHPeace.jpg
      Sleep in Heavenly Peace
    • SleepHPeace1.jpg
      Sleep in Heavenly Peace
    • TasteofSM2.jpg
      Judges for Taste of Sand Mountain
    • UGLY-SWEATER-2.jpg
      2nd place winners of the Ugly Christmas Sweater contest
    • VFW-Flag.jpg
      Boaz Fire
    • VFW-Flag1.jpg
      Boaz Police
    • VFW-Flag5.jpg
    • WOMENSLUNCH2.jpg
      Women's Luncheon
    • happy-fall-yall-hay-bale.jpg
      Hall's RV Happy Fall Y'all hay bale winners
    • happy-fall-yall-pumpkin.jpg
      Davis Eye Care and Optical Happy Fall Y'all pumpkin winners
    • outside-the-box8.jpg
      Outside the Box
    • outside-the-box7.jpg
    • start-here-3.jpg
      Pictures with Mr. and Mrs. Claus
    • the-barn-23.jpg
      The Hemp Source girls at Business After Hours at The Barn
    • the-barn-24.jpg
      The Rocky Hollow Farms family at The Barn