• Testimonials

  • “I know I haven’t been an ambassador long, but this is just why I wanted to be an ambassador. I have a strong desire to give back to the community of Boaz. As someone that lives here I want to see Boaz prosper. This is my way of giving back to the City that I call home. By volunteering at different events and activities I can do my part of helping the community of Boaz. I know the greatest benefit will get to meet all the wonderful citizens of Boaz and the surrounding communities.”


  • “The word ambassador is defined as a person who represents or promotes an activity. As an ambassador for several years, I have helped promote many activities; the Harvest Festival, Taste of Sand Mountain, Christmas parade, Chamber banquet etc. Not only do ambassadors promote these activities, they work tirelessly to make sure they happen without a glitch. When someone attends one of these events, they don't see the hours of planning and work that proceeded that event, they are just able to sit back and enjoy.  Along with the work is the camaraderie and fun of working with other ambassadors who are equally driven to make sure everyone has a great time! There is a feeling of satisfaction in knowing you have done as much as you can do to help. It's a non-paying position for which you are paid in the smiles and thanks of the event attendees as well as your fellow ambassadors!”


  • “I have only been an Ambassador a short time, but I love it.  I feel more connected to the community I have lived in almost my entire life.  It gives me a feeling of ownership and a vested interest in the success of others living around me.  However, the greatest benefit to me has been the friends I have made and working with them as a team to make events happen.  I am so grateful for this exciting opportunity!”


  • “Being a chamber ambassador for five years has had a big impact on my life. This volunteering has helped me be a leader in my work place and be more service oriented. This experience has made me eager to spread the word and take more pride in my hometown city. I will continue to strive to help Boaz grow! The ACE Program that I chair has given me the opportunity to network with local contacts and agencies within the city and county.”


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